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Small Amount of Stock 20ml Amber Headspace Vial

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Due to the impact of the new crown epidemic in 2020, many countries and industries in the world are in an economic deadlock. Aijiren’s factory resumed production in the first time, but it fell into a deadlock where raw materials were not in place. The insufficient supply of raw materials for amber glass made it impossible to produce large-capacity Amber Headspace Vial.

Due to the lack of raw materials, amber headspace vial has also been in short supply. With Aijiren’s continuous efforts, we finally obtained a part of the raw materials for amber glass, and first rushed to produce a small batch of 20ml Amber Headspace Vial to meet customer needs.

If you urgently need 20ml Amber Headspace Vial, and the demand is not too large, you can consider purchasing from Aijiren. Aijiren will take out the amber headspace vial from the existing inventory for packaging, and then start shipping.What needs to be informed to customers is that the price of freight needs to be paid by customers.

Aijiren guarantees that the glass used to make Amber Headspace Vial is borosilicate glass, and the amber color can effectively protect light-sensitive samples, so for gas chromatography detection, headspace vial is undoubtedly the best choice. Aijiren designed two types of flat bottom and round bottom to adapt to different brands of autosamplers.

If you need more gas-phase vials or laboratory chromatography consumables related products, you can click on Aijiren website to view. Aijiren has always been committed to becoming a better, more professional and more professional manufacturer of chromatography consumables, and we have been working hard to create more useful The product.

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