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Indian customers want to be Aijiren’s agents

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A few days ago an Indian customer contacted our sales manager Joshua. First I got Aijiren’s catakog from Joshua, and then he ordered many kinds of products, each with a small amount, such as chromatography bottles, syringe filters: 13 mm and 25 mm (0.2 and 0.45 microns) media nylon, PVDF , Membrane filter: PVDF (sheet or roll) 0.5 and 5 microns, septum.

After the customer places the order, Aijiren immediately distributes the goods, packs and ships them, and ships the goods in the shortest possible time. After receiving the product, the customer tested it and provided feedback to Aijiren. He said that Aijiren’s products are easy to operate and have no unnecessary influence on the experimental results.

After that, he proposed a new idea. He wants to become Aijiren’s agent in India and sell Aijiren’s products on the Indian market to increase product purchases. Hope we can give him more discounts. Our manager Joshua is communicating more details with him.

Facts have proved that Aiji’s products have been welcomed by many people in the chromatography industry. Aijiren chromatography consumables adheres to the principle of high quality and high standards, and strictly requires product quality, so it can become the most reliable supplier of chromatography consumables for customers.

Aijiren will continue to work hard to control product quality to ensure consistent product quality between batches. To purchase hplc vials or other chromatography consumables, please choose Aijiren.

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