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Quick Order for Headspace Vial Purchase

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Aijiren’s Headspace Vial is known for its high quality. The Headspace Vial is a product that many customers purchase when performing gas chromatography experiments. Faced with the trust and support of customers, Aijiren will continue to improve product quality and provide after-sales service to meet customer needs.

Aijiren’s Headspace Vials are generally divided into two types, screw top and crimp top. To say the difference between the two, probably the screw top is more convenient for sealing and detaching. The crimp top headspace vial requires the help of hand crimper and hand decrimper to remove the sealed.

Aijiren crimped top Headspace Vials have flat or round bottom styles, with clear or amber glass. Headspace seals can be used in pre-assembled caps with diaphragms or can be ordered separately. Pressure release, lined seal and magnetic lined seal are also optional.

Compared with crimp Headspace Vial, screw top headspace vial reduces the situation that affects the experimental results due to improper sealing, but the same, screw top headspace vial is not as tight as crimp top headspace vial, if it is used for gas sealed storage gas , crimp top headspace vial is better.

Whether it is screw top Headspace Vial or crimp top headspace vial, the current international situation is relatively tense, and there is congestion in the ports of many countries and regions. We must remind customers to obtain import permits from their own countries, and there may be freight charges. Too high, delays in shipping schedules, etc.

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