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UK Customer Order 500 boxes Headspace vials

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Andrew from the UK contacted our sales manager Annie Zheng. Andrew said that his experiment requires GC analysis. He bought several gas chromatography analyzers and asked Annie which Vias he could use. Annie asked the manufacturer and model of the gas chromatograph to determine which type of headspace Vials he needed.

Andrew asked for some different type headspace Vials, so Annie sent him 10ml 18mm screw-top headspace vials and 20mm crimped-top headspace vials. Annie reminded Andrew that Crimp Top headspace Vials needs to be used with Hand Crimper and Decrimper. Andrew said he had to decide to try the vial first, and then decide.

After trying samples, Andrew found that 20mm headspace vials were more suitable for his machine. He is also very satisfied with the quality of Aijiren’s “headspace vials”. Annie also reminded that Aijiren’s Crimp Top Headspace vials are divided into flat and round bottoms, and asked Andrew which bottom Headspace vials he needs.

At this time, Andrew realized that the bottom of the 20mm headspace Vials Annie sent him was different. Andrew made a comparison and decided to buy a flat-bottomed 20mm crimp headspace Vials, and purchased the Hand Crimper provided by Aijiren to be used with Decrimper, which is very convenient for the installation and removal of aluminum crimp caps.

Andrew placed an order for 500 boxes of Crimp Top Headspace Vial. Aijiren has started production and will pack and ship after production. Make sure that Andrew can get the headspace vials in the shortest time. The high-quality service and high-quality products of Aiji people have been praised by many customers such as Andrew.

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