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18mm Screw Neck Headspace Vials Selling

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Aijiren uses borosilicate glass with low extraction rate to produce the Headspace Vials, which has low expansion rate, high temperature resistance, high strength, high hardness, high light transmittance and high chemical stability. This material is suitable for headspace analysis of volatile solids and gases.


Aijiren’s 18mm screw neck Headspace Vials, with electromagnetic screw seal is novel in the headspace market dominated by crimp necks. Especially for magnetic covers that are difficult to crimp, screwing is a convenient choice. There is also an 8mm center hole in the Screw Cap for easy extraction by the autosampler.

Aijiren uses PTFE/Butyl or PTFE/Silicone double-layer combination to assemble in Magnetic Precision Metal Cap. Generally speaking, the thickness will be between 1.3mm-1.6mm. Customers can choose the thickness according to the piercing needle. The tightness of the screw cap and septum is good, which is very suitable for general laboratory use and sample storage.

Headspace vial packaging with 18mm magnetic screw cap (silver) and silicone/PTFE septa. Cover: 18mm magnetic screw cap. Septa: Silicone (transparent blue)/PTFE (white), 45°Shore A, 1.3mm, sample bottle volume: 10mL, 46 x 22.5mm. 20ml,75 x 22.5mm. Round bottom packaging size: 100/pack.

Generally, Aijiren will prepare the products within 3 days of placing the order, and arrange the transportation within 1 week. It is necessary to decide whether to ship by sea or by express according to the number of orders placed by the customer. Support free sample delivery, and return it if the product quality is defective.

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