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A Guideline of the Difference Between these Types of Filter Membrane

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Membrane Feature Application
PES Hydrophilic,
high flow rate,
high throughput, low protein adsorption,
low extractables, autoclavable
1)General reagents, laboratory filtration of samples
2)Filtration of ultra-pure water, food, beverages, etc.
3)Filtration of serum samples
CA Hydrophilic,
low adsorption capacity,
low non-specific binding capacity, thermal stability
1)Protein and Enzyme Filtration
2)One of the most widely used filter membranes in sample pretreatment filtration
MCE Hydrophilic,
high flow rate,
blend of cellulose nitrate and cellulose acetate
1)Microbial and Particle Analysis
2)Sterility test
PVDF Hydrophobicity,
high sensitivity,
high mechanical strength,
low protein adsorption,
good heat resistance,
chemical stability.
1) Gas and steam filtration, high temperature liquid filtration, purification and filtration of solvents and chemical raw materials
2)Purification of insoluble matter in oils
3) Separation and purification of chemical substances
PTFE There are two kinds of membranes, hydrophobic and hydrophilic,
wide range of chemical compatibility,
good temperature resistance,
resistance to strong acids and alkalis,
strong chemical corrosive solvents and oxidants
1)Chemical, pharmaceutical, food, energy and other fields can filter almost all organic solutions
2)Filtration of Strong Acids and Alkalis
3)Filtration of high temperature liquids
4)Filtration of special chemical reagents
5)Gas clarification and filtration
Nylon Hydrophilic,
good temperature resistance, high strength,
good chemical stability, resistant to dilute acids and alkalis, etc.
1)Sterilization of samples, filtration
2)industrial water filtration
PP Acid and alkali resistance,
wear resistance,
impact resistance,
uniform distribution of micropores,
large filtration area,
good water permeability
Widely used in medicine, beverage, daily water, waste water, air filtration, etc.
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