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5000 Boxes of 13-425 HPLC Vial sent to Singapore

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A customer from Singapore wanted to buy a 4ml 13mm HPLC sample bottle. He searched for Aijiren on the Internet and contacted our account manager. Aijiren sent a sample last month. After the trial, the customer ordered 5000 boxes of 13-425 vials with blue screw caps from Aijiren.

After receiving the order, Aijiren used the new high-efficiency production machine in the workshop to produce 13-425 vials. At the same time, several workshops were in operation. The production and packaging of 10-425 hplc vials required by customers was completed in 5 days and was ready for shipment.

The packaging uses a pp material box, 100 13-425 hplc vials as the box. Caps & septa are individually packed. Pack them evenly in a carton, and wrap the carton with plastic film to prevent moisture and water.

Aijiren is a global laboratory supplies supplier with high quality, excellent service and preferential prices. Our customers come from the pharmaceutical, life science, chemistry, technology, petrochemical and other industries. Others such as universities, research institutions, governments, environmental testing institutions, etc.

If you need chromatographic consumables, such as autosampler vials, HPLC vials, GC vials, headspace vials, sample storage vials, EPA vials, COD test tubes, you are welcome to inquire.

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