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How to Use and Clean the Headspace Vial

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The Headspace Vial provided by Aijiren is usually used for liquid or gas chromatographic analysis. Generally, the Headspace Vial is matched with the autosampler. If you need to sample, please purchase a cap with a center hole headspace vial. If you need to store samples, it is recommended to purchase crimp. headspace vial. We recommend headspace vial for one-time use.

For many customers, there are a large number of liquid chromatography or gas chromatography tests every day. Therefore, although it is time-consuming, many Headspace Vial still need to be cleaned during the test. Since the cleanliness of the sample vial may affect the test results, it is necessary to understand the correct cleaning method for crimped headspace vials.

Immerse the entire empty Headspace Vial in 95% alcohol, and then dry it after ultrasonic cleaning twice. Pour a small amount of water into the vial, and then continue ultrasonic cleaning twice. Finally, after draining the internal washing liquid, it is dried at 110°C for 1 to 2 hours. The entire cleaning process will be completed until the vial is cooled to normal temperature.

The Headspace Vial should be rinsed several times with tap water. Next, put the vial into a container with pure water, clean it with ultrasonic for 15 minutes, and then repeat the process twice. Then soak it for a period of time in a container filled with pure ethanol. Finally, take it out and let it dry naturally.

If your Headspace Vial is used to prepare organics, it is recommended to wash with soapy water, hot water first, then deionized water, and then methylene chloride and acetone. This removes all residues. Rinse three times. For headspace analysis, using commercially clean vials is the cheapest method.

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