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Introduction of Syringe Filter

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Syringe filters are widely used in laboratories, do not need to replace the diaphragm and clean, save your working time. It is mainly used for sample filtration, taking out details, and performing aseptic filtration of liquid and gas. Ideal product for HPLC and GC sample filtration. The exterior of our syringe filter is made of polycarbonate plastic, and the top and bottom are made by ultrasonic welding. The integrated body shipped at one time can withstand high temperatures and will not leak at all.

In high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) analysis, the particle size of the chromatographic column packing is small, and it is easy to be blocked by impurity particles. Therefore, samples and solvents need to be pre-filtered to remove particulate contaminants and protect the instrument. Ion chromatography, which is usually used for environmental analysis, also requires that inorganic contaminants should not be introduced into sample pretreatment.

The syringe filter can be used for HPLC analysis and IC analysis. Filtering the sample solution is an important step in sample pretreatment. Aijiren uses the most advanced testing methods and production technology to produce high-quality syringe filters. The product quality is far superior to other domestic counterparts. It fills the gap of domestic high-end products. Aijiren’s syringe filter can be used as a filter and tester for small particles and bacteria in gas, oil, beverages, alcohol, etc.

How to choose the exact syringe filter:

Aijiren disposable syringe filters have varies types.
1. Mainly have two series. One is hydrophilic, another is hydrophobic series.
2.Filter diameter have 13mm and 25mm two types. Filtration membrane aperture has 0.22, 0.45um
3.Membrane material has:RC, Nylon, PVDF, PTFE,etc. Choose proper membrane is very important.

Aijiren Syringe Filter Features:

1. Syringe filter outside case use high qualified Health level polypropylene material (PP)
2. Structure is precision, guarantee filtration is smoothly, inside space is reasonable, residual rate is very low.
3. Could bear pressure reach to 7bar
4. Edge of the syringe filter has thread, have function of anti-skidding, which is welcomed by users.
5. Our membrane is from the world largest filtration membrane company, which guarantee stable quality, high precision of the membrane aperture, supply utmost protection for your instrument and GC column.
6. Stable quality filtration membrane, each patch of the products no difference, guarantee your testing result consistency.

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