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How to use the Syringe Filter

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Whether it is HPLC analysis or ion chromatography commonly used in environmental analysis, it is required that no inorganic contaminants should be introduced in the sample pretreatment, and there should be no magazine particles in the solvent, otherwise the instrument will be blocked. The syringe filter can be used for HPLC analysis and IC analysis. In, filtering the sample solution is an important step in the sample preparation process.

The following will share the steps of using Syringe Filter and teach you how to use Syringe Filter.

First select the appropriate syringe filter and sample application program for the syringe, then pour your sample into the syringe and push out the excess air, and install the Syringe Filter on the disposable syringe.

If you are using a leur lock filter, make sure you have properly secured the filter into the syringe tip, with the syringe filter facing up and “top”.

Push a few drops of sample through the filter, place the filter on the overturned collection container, and gently apply pressure to push the sample into the syringe filter.

The same sample can be filtered repeatedly until the syringe filter is fully functional. Remove the filter from the syringe or directly replace it with a new disposable syringe filter.

Draw air into the syringe, then reinstall the filter and push the plunger of the syringe to pass some air through the filter.

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