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Introduction of Aijiren GL45 Reagent Bottle

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Applicable scope of the product: laboratory high-quality consumables, imported radio wave flow meter, Aitari precision gauge·gjc liquid flow meter, imported direct-reading flow meter, portable flow meter, water quality sampler, vapor recovery detector, dissolution meter , Clarity, friability meter, water quality analyzer, BOD, COD, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, total nitrogen and other instruments. Note: It is not suitable for maintaining helium protection in the solvent bottle, only continuous helium technical parameters can be introduced.

GL45 Reagent Bottle is widely used in many fields such as environmental protection, medical treatment, industry, agriculture, hydrology, meteorology, national defense, health, military industry, aerospace, electric power, chemical industry, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, food industry, schools, scientific research institutes and so on.

GL45 Reagent Bottle adopts Grade 3.3 borosilicate glass with PP screw cap, The economical alternative for a wide range of laboratory applications. Round, with graduations, DIN GL 45 thread, pouring ring and blue screw cap. It has Very good chemical resistance, capable of High temperature Resistance, there is Minimal thermal expansion.

The GL45 reagent bottle cap is made of PTFE material, resistant to 140 degrees high temperature sterilization. 1. Good air tightness and compact structure; 2. The air leakage hole is on the lateral side to prevent flying dust and other impurities; 3. The internal threaded hole can be screwed into the PEEK plug design, which has good sealing performance and achieves 13 holes Flexible transformation, convenient for various needs in the laboratory; 4. Cap can have a central hole for easy intubation.

Since last year,Aijiren laboratory GL45 Reagent Bottle with outstanding characteristics have been well received by the market. After continuous development and improvement. Based on the original products, a series of well-designed products have been launched. The consistency, reliability and flexibility of GL45 Reagent Bottle in storage, packaging and configuration applications are a major advantage of Aijiren. Aijiren provides pre-sale consulting services and fast delivery services.

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