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GL45 Amber Glass Reagent Bottle for Storing Reagents

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Laboratory reagent bottles can be handled more easily and store culture media, biological agents and other aqueous solutions more efficiently. Widely used as laboratory bottles, laboratory tanks and household use.Product features: reliable performance, large label area, graduated scale, equipped with PP screw cap and pouring ring, high temperature and high pressure sterilization.

Aijiren produces bottles and screw caps that can be autoclaved/sterilized. Made of borosilicate glass helps prevent pH changes and maintain content purity. The non-slip coating provides greater convenience and stability when handling wet samples. The 45mm white polypropylene unlined screw cap is attached to the bottle to help maintain cleanliness.

Aijiren can reuse glass bottles with lids and apply these glass bottles to various routine laboratory applications. Aijiren’s reusable glass bottle has a lid, a convenient opening, an enhanced scale and a polypropylene pouring ring. With clear (natural), non-drip, replaceable polypropylene casting ring.

The reagent bottles produced by Aijiren have the following characteristics: permanent white enamel marking points, GL 45 thread, unlined, autoclaved (140°C), borosilicate glass, polypropylene lid, technical parameters. Aijiren’s reagent bottles are resistant to chemical corrosion and comply with ISO and SGS standards.

With polypropylene PP screw cap and polypropylene pouring ring (blue), special bottle mouth design is conducive to pouring, 100-1000ml bottle shoulder strengthening ring design. Normally, the material should not exceed the reinforcement ring.

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