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Screw Thread Glass Bottle as Filter Bottle

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Aijiren reagent bottles are designed and manufactured in China. These bottles are made of high-quality borosilicate glass, which provides maximum chemical resistance and minimum thermal expansion, making them the best choice for laboratory applications. The PP cover and casting ring can be autoclaved to 140°C.

Some reagent bottles are amber (actinic) to protect photosensitive compounds from visible light, because ultraviolet and infrared radiation may change chemical reagents;Aijiren’s reagent bottles have a protective PVC coating to extend product life and safety. The protective coating helps prevent glass breakage and reduces spillage.

Since glass expands and contracts with temperature changes, care must be taken when heating and cooling reagent bottles. When the reagent bottle is heated, the neck expands, thereby screwing the threads of the pp cap. When the bottle cools, the neck shrinks inside the cap, locking it in place.

Aijiren reagent bottles have mechanical stability and resistance to temperature changes, preventing breakage during heating and cooling. The advantages of Aijiren reagent bottles: improve the safety of employees, extend the service life of laboratory glassware, and protect valuable substances.

The Aijiren cover is made of polypropylene with GL45 threads. The internal design of the bottle cap ensures a tight and leak-proof closure. The uniquely designed pouring ring prevents dripping and overflow. The white marking area is clearly marked and the scale is easy to identify.

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