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GL45 500ML Wide Mouth Reagent Bottle

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The blue cap reagent bottle produced by Aijiren has a GL45 thread style and a wide opening can be very convenient for reagent pouring and reagent addition operations. Aijiren uses soda-lime glass to produce the reagent bottle. The unified mold manufacturing ensures that the reagent bottle has the same specifications and uniform wall thickness. The high-quality glass also has the ability to resist beating. After falling, it is not easy to burst and break, but cracks. Reduce destructiveness.


Capacity(ML) Bottle Diameter(mm) Bottle Mouth Innerdiameter(mm) Bottle Mouth Diameter(mm) Height(mm) GL Material Color
500 87 30 40 178 45 Borosilicate Glass Clear/Amber

GL45 500ML Wide Mouth Reagent Bottle


The reagent bottle has a lid and septum, which can isolate dust and pollutants from the outside. The reagent bottle is very suitable for storing powders and liquids, reagents, culture media, biological liquids and various other aqueous and non-aqueous solutions. The amber reagent bottle protects the photosensitive contents from ultraviolet, visible and infrared radiation. The reagent bottle can provide a wide mouth to facilitate filling or taking out the contents. The oblique shoulder design is also very convenient for pouring reagents.

The specifications of the reagent bottle are 100ml, 250ml, 500ml and 1000ml, among which 500ml is the most customers choose. The diameter of the bottle mouth with cap is 5cm, the height is 18cm, the bottom diameter is 7.5cm, and the bottom is flat and suitable for placing on a desktop or cabinet Moderate, can easily pick up or store reagents. The caps and stoppers of the reagent bottles should be carefully selected because their materials or linings may adversely interact with the contents of the bottles. Aijiren uses high-quality polypropylene to make the cap of GL45, and the sealing septum made of PTFE is stuck between the Cap and the bottle.

GL45 500ML Wide Mouth Reagent Bottle

Aijiren’s production plant is located in Quzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China. Aijiren has an automatic production plant and uses a unified production mold to produce reagent bottles with consistent specifications between batches. The 500ml reagent bottles produced by Aijren are 48 pcs per box. The volume is large, and the packing box needs to be palletized and fixed when purchasing, so as to avoid the damage of the reagent bottle caused by bumps during transportation.

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