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Features And Compatibility Of Aijiren 2ml Chromatography Vial

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Advantages of 2ml chromatography vial produced by Aijiren:

1. The produced sample bottles are made of hydrolyzed glass (Class 1 borosilicate glass);
2. The sample bottle meets the requirements of the US and European Pharmacopoeia;
3. Packed in a clean environment in a dust-free workshop and specially designed to reduce pollution;
4. Perform a full batch test. It can be used for high performance liquid chromatography and gas chromatography to obtain reliable analysis results;
5. The size of each batch of sample bottles produced is the same;
6. The unique bottle mouth design can ensure the consistency of the seal;
7. The bottle diameter is processed accurately, which is convenient for the robotic arm to take and place the sample bottle;
8. The assembled bottle caps and gaskets are convenient for direct use. There are a variety of bottle caps and septa to choose from.

Aijiren produces 2ml chromatpgraphy vial using USP TYPE 1, Grade A, 33 borosilicate hydrochloric acid glass. It is the most inert glass with chemical properties and is widely used in laboratories, especially for chromatographic analysis applications. Class I glass is mainly composed of silicon and oxygen, contains trace amounts of boron and sodium, and has the lowest dissolution rate and a linear expansion coefficient of 33.

There is also USP TYPE 1, Grade B, 51 borosilicate hydrochloric acid glass, which is mainly composed of silicon and oxygen, and contains traces of boron, sodium and more alkali metals than Grade A glass, but it can still meet laboratory use. Brown glass is B grade glass, and its linear expansion coefficient is 51.

The linear expansion coefficient refers to the change in the length of the glass for every degree of temperature change. The lower the linear expansion coefficient, the greater the temperature change that the glass can withstand. The classification of laboratory glass is established by the USP (United States Pharmacopoeia) based on its water resistance.

The table below shows the compatibility of various types of injectors with Aijiren 2ml chromatography vial.

Certain autosamplers require the purchase of specific vial trays. In a few cases, all vials in the list can be used.

The X mark indicates that this type of vial is generally compatible with the autosampler.

The F mark indicates that this type of vial needs to have a flange to run in the autosampler.

MANUFACTURER MODEL Crimp 11mm Vial Screw 8-425 Vial Screw 9mm Vial Screw 10-425 Vial
Top brand Technologies® 1050 x x
1100/1200 x x
1090A x x x
1100/1200 Wellplate/ NanoFlow x x
6850ALS x
7673A/7683 x
AI 42 Position Tray x
60 Position Tray
AIM CPS-100/200 x x x
Alcott® 718AL x x x
Alpha M.O.S. Fox/Prometheus x x x
Kronos x x x
Antec Leyden ALEXYS AS 100 x x x
ATAS GL Focus x x x
Beckman Coulter® 501/507/System Gold x x x
Bruker Map II x x x x
CTC™ see Leap Technologies x x x
DANI ALS-1000/39.80/86.80 x
HSS 39.50/ 86.50/ SPT 37.50
Dionex ASI-100/A550 x x x x
AS-40 x
FAMOS x x x
DynaTech LC-241 x x x
ESA 540 x x x x
540-MT x x x x
Fisons® A-200S/AS 150/800/8000 x x x
GBC LC 1650 x x x x
Gerstel MPS 2 x x x x
MPS 3 x x x x
Gilson® 234 x x x
235 x x x
231 XL/232 XL/233 XL x x x
215 x x x x
250 x x x
Jasco® 851/AS950/1550/1555 F
AS-2059/AS2059Plus F x
AS-2055/AS/2057 F x
LEAP Technologies CLPAL/GC PAL x x x x
Combi PAL x x x x
Hitachi® AS-1000 x x x
AS-2000 x x x
AS-4000 x x
Lachrom L-7200/7250 x x x
Lachrom Elite L-2200 x x x
Metrohm Triathlon x x x x
Perkin Elmer™ Autosystem/AS-2000/XL x x x
Clarus 500/600 x x
Integral 4000 x x x
TurboMatrix 40/110
ISS-100/200/Series 200 x x x
LC Plus x x x
Polymer Labs GPC 110/210/220 x
Selerity 3100 x x x x
Shimadzu® AOC-8B/9, AOC-14/1400 x x x
AOC-5000 x x x x
AOC-20 x x
SIL-6A/6B/9A F x
SIL-10A x x x
SIL-HT/10ADVP x x x x
LC-2010 x x x x
Spark-Holland Symbiosis/Reliance x x x x
Thermo Scientific Surveyor LC x x x
AS 3000/Trace GC/Focus LC x x
TriPlus x x x x
Tosoh® TSK-6080/AS-8010/AS-8020 x F x
Teledyne/Tekmar® 7000/7050
Varian® CP-8410 x x x x
CombiPAL x x x x
8034/8035/8100/8200 x x x
9095/9100 x x x
Prostar 400/410/420 x x x x
Prostar 430 x x x x
Waters™ WISP 48 Pos. Tray
717Plus x
Alliance 2690 x x x
Model 2767 x x x
Model 2777 x
Acquity x x x x
CapLC x x x

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