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2ml Clear Screw Vials with Clousures Supplier

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The most common liquid injection produced by Aijiren is a 12 x 32mm vial. Depending on the sample bottle manufacturer, a 12x32mm sample bottle can also be called a 1.5mL sample bottle, a 1.8mL sample bottle or a 2.0mL sample bottle.

Sample vials also have different mid-hole closure caps, including crimp caps / bayonet snap caps or screw caps. Spiral closures also have different sizes, determined by the outer diameter of the vial mouth. The screw caps used on chromatography bottles are 8mm, 9mm or 10mm, and the most common size is 9mm.

Please make sure to select a sample vial suitable for your specific instrument brand autosampler. For example, 11mm crimp and 9mm screw cap vials can be used with Agilent autosamplers, but 10mm and 8mm screw caps cannot. This is because the space between the bottle cap and the bottle shoulder required by the autosampler varies from instrument to instrument. In addition to the instrument requirements, you should also consider how the color and material of the sample vial might affect the sample.

Septa is usually made of rubber (natural or synthetic) or silicone. They can also face PTFE on one or both sides. In most cases, the Septa vial with PTFE on the side facing the sample is the best choice. Septa vials can also be pre-cut, such as single cut, cross cut or cross. The pre-cut bottle Septa makes it easier for the needle to penetrate, especially for the larger needles commonly used in LC autosamplers.

Our organization is known for offering a rich assortment of HPLC Vials, Cap & Septa. We are engaged in providing our customers with supreme quality products with the help of which we provide them the support to keep their business process streamlined in a well maintained manner.

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