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2ml Amber Vials Cap and Septa

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Aijiren 2ml sample bottle can be transparent or brown (mainly used to protect from light), with thread, snap and clamp type. It has an ultra-clean working environment/package, specific packaging materials to reduce pollution, and is suitable for various types of GC headspace samplers. The integrity, cleanliness and uniformity of Aijiren vials (HPLC autosampler vials) are critical to today’s demanding applications.

Aijiren’s septum and 2ml amber vial cap are both high-quality materials. The first is the bottle cap, which is made of high-grade polypropylene material. The 9mm nut can be customized in many colors. The threaded vial cap can be designed with an opening for autosampler use and standard addition, or it can be designed with a solid top for storing samples.

A polypropylene screw cap with a precision-fitting septum provides an anti-evaporation seal. These pierceable screw caps are designed for one-time use, and because there are no caps and seals to assemble, the sample preparation time is reduced. The double layer includes silicone and PTFE. The silicone septum can be injected multiple times. Screw caps lined with PTFE are used for organic samples.

Aijiren uses PTFE to make Septa, because PTFE is the most inert, but PTFE has poor resealability, so it is not suitable for multiple injections or storage of Septa. Therefore, Aijiren added Silicone and PTFE to make a double-sided Septa. In this way, the inert side of Septa faces the reagent and the Silicone side faces up to keep the seal.

The Cap and Septa suit for 2ml Amber Vial produced by Aijiren uses high-quality raw materials and high-quality technology to ensure product quality and product tightness at a low price. If customers purchase 2ml amber vial, they can choose cap and septa according to the pattern of the bottle mouth.

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