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2ml Clear Vials for HPLC Autosampler with Cap

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A 2ml vial is a small glass or plastic container or bottle, which is widely used in autosampler equipment in analytical chromatography. The vial can be made of plastic or glass. Usually used as a reservoir for small amounts of liquid in medical or molecular biology applications.

There are several different types of commonly used closed systems. For glass vials, options include screw vials (closed with screw cap), crimp vials (closed with metal caps) and snap vials(closed with pp snap cap) which can be quickly closed when pressed. Unlike test tubes, which usually have a round bottom, the bottom of a sample vial is usually flat.

Generally speaking, crimp vial, screw vial and snap vial have different airtightness. crimp vial has the strongest airtightness, screw vial has weaker airtightness, and snap vial has the worst airtightness, so it is only suitable for short-term storage of samples, screw vial The operation is more convenient. The crimp vial needs to be used with the Hand Crimper provided by Aijiren.

Using Aijiren 2ml autosampler vials can ensure that the sample is not indirectly affected by the analysis flow path and direct measurement can be achieved. It can minimize the interference of your sample from injection to detection, thereby maximizing analysis efficiency.

As we all know, the price of 2ml HPLC vial is equal to its quality. While it’s important to find bargains when buying 2ml HPLC vials, some buyers ignore the quality of 2ml vials in pursuit of low prices. The purchasing manager is advised to purchase suitable sample vials from the experimental structure.

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