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2ml Autosampler Vials for Laboratory Test for Sale

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The 2ml screw neck chromatography bottle has a variety of necklaces and opening diameters to choose from. The caliber of a large-caliber or large-caliber sample bottle is 40% larger than that of a standard-caliber sample bottle. The large opening reduces the risk of the autosampler bending during sampling.

Aijiren’s flash chromatography bottles are made of transparent or amber type 1 borosilicate glass (Grade A, 33 expanded borosilicate glass). Snap Top chromatography vials can accept aluminum snap-on seals or polyethylene snap-on caps. The colors are white, red and blue. You can choose from them, which is ideal for short-term storage.

The 2ml Crimp Top chromatography bottle is the most commonly used gas sampling bottle on the market. Features of crimped high-quality vials: Strict quality assurance ensures dimensional consistency between batches, optional ceramic writing points with filling marks can be selected, and they are all certified and fully compatible with autosamplers .

Septa for Aijiren’s 2ml HPLC Vial: Made of PTFE/silicone, it has excellent core resistance, and PTFE is the most inert. Aijiren combines PTFE and silicone on both sides to ensure that PTFE is inert and Septa can accept repeated punctures. Compatible with a variety of autosamplers, good quality control, including height, diameter, bottom, thickness and neck/thread, cleanliness.

Aijiren, as a basic supplier specializing in laboratory products, we focus on the field of laboratory consumables. We have been working hard to cooperate with customers and aim to develop high-quality products that provide consumers with a pleasant experience.

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