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Six Advantages Of Sterile Syringe Filters

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The sterile syringe filter adopts filter membranes of different materials to ensure the stability and safety of raw materials. Such as Nylon, PES, PTFE, PVDF, MCE, PP and Cellulose Acetate.

It is a fast, convenient and reliable filter tool routinely used in laboratories. It has beautiful appearance, light weight, and high cleanliness. It is mainly used for sample prefiltration, clarification and removal of particles, and sterilization and filtration of liquids and gases. It is the first method for filtering small samples of HPLC and GC. According to the sterilization method, it can be divided into sterilization and non-sterilization.

Aijiren sterile syringe filters are mainly used for sample pre-clarification, particle removal, sterilization filtration, etc. Among them, the needle filter is used in conjunction with a disposable syringe. It is a fast, convenient and reliable small-volume sample filtration device that is routinely used in laboratories. Its filtration diameter is 13mm and 30mm, and the processing capacity is from 0.5ml to 200ml.

The advantages of sterile syringe filters:
1. Filtration of small samples of 1ml or less.
2. The extremely low hold-up volume of less than 3ml makes these syringe filter units a reasonable choice for applications where the recovery of large samples is important.
3. Increase the throughput and speed of sample preparation.
4. Increase the operating pressure to 75psi due to the two-color molding, prevent the sample from leaking at the joint, and prevent the filter unit from bursting into two halves.
5. Strict quality control: The syringe filter undergoes integrity testing to ensure proper filter assembly and welding, thereby eliminating any potential bypass of the filter.
6. Accurate marking: Each filter is marked with a specific filter material and pore size for easy identification. These contents should be marked even if the syringe filter is not in its original packaging.

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