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How to Choose the Right Autosampler Vial

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All Aijiren Autosampler vials are made of borosilicate hydrochloric acid glass and are divided into 5.0 and 7.0 types, 5.0 is neutral borosilicate, and 7.0 is high borosilicate, ensuring the safety and stability of stored samples.

The dimensions of the product marked in the catalog, such as diameter and height, are all accurate dimensions, such as the 11.6x32mm marked in the catalog, which is exactly the same as the 12x32mm in other sample vial catalogs.

From the perspective of safety of use, the volume data of the sample vial we marked is the recommended “maximum use volume”, not the maximum volume. Therefore, the 1.5mL sample vial and the 2mL sample vial in the instrument manual are actually one product.

How to choose the right vial cap and gasket:
In GC and HPLC applications, the selection of suitable vial caps and gaskets depends on the following factors: the type of injection needle, the type of autosampler, the temperature, the sensitivity of the analysis, whether multiple injections are required, and so on.

Aijiren’s suggestion:
◎The injection needle of HPLC is relatively thick and flat-headed. It is recommended to choose a silicone/PTFE gasket or a silicone/PTFE gasket with a pre-notch. Consistent with the original instrument, prolong the service life of the injection needle.
◎9mm diameter screw-top sample vials are suitable for most autosamplers, and can meet the requirements of GC and HPLC for gasket thickness and purity. Covers of different colors and gaskets of different materials are available to distinguish the source or purpose of the sample.
◎11mm-caliber crimp-top sample vials can also be applied to most autosamplers at the same time, with the best sealing. However, a capping tool is required, which is not as convenient as a screw-top vial.
◎The sealing effect of 11mm bayonet sample vials is not as good as screw-top and clamp-top sample vials, and is only suitable for HPLC.
◎It is recommended that you choose the same brand of sample vials and cap gaskets to ensure the best sealing effect.
◎You can replace the gaskets of some products individually to reduce costs, but the manual assembly process will bring risks such as fat, sweat, etc. pollution and gasket reverse installation. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you choose a pre-assembled cover gasket. The assembly process of MN’s cover pad is automatically assembled by the machine under extremely strict clean conditions to avoid potential risks.
◎The pre-adhesive cover pad is combined by hot pressing. It does not use any adhesive and will not cause other pollution. At the same time, it prevents the needle from sticking the pad into the sample vial.

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