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Application and Performance of PVDF Syringe Filter

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For the filtration of corrosive solvents and HPLC samples, PVDF Syringe Filters are considered the best choice. These Syringe Filters with polyvinylidene fluoride membranes are very suitable for amino acid analysis and protein sequencing of proteins. These membranes are both hydrophilic and hydrophobic. If using hydrophobic membranes, soak them with methanol or ethanol before immersing them in the buffer.

The structure of the PVDF Syringe Filter includes an internal pre-Syringe Filter and a sturdy polypropylene (PP) shell. The housing prevents contaminants from mixing with the sample. Moreover, it reduces the chance of leakage.

Characteristics of PVDF Syringe Filter:

PVDF Syringe Filters have excellent chemical compatibility, mechanical strength and low extractability. In these Syringe Filters, the maximum allowable housing pressure is 150 psi. It improves the Syringe Filtering speed. These Syringe Filters have high temperature resistance due to their high-quality materials. They have excellent flow rate and temperature stability. PVDF membrane has a wide range of chemical compatibility, making it an ideal choice for Syringe Filtering general biological samples and solvent-based proteins, alcohols, peptides, aqueous samples and tissue culture media. For higher efficiency, you can autoclave them at 121 degrees for 20 minutes. They have a female Leur Lok inlet and a male Leur Slip outlet to prevent leakage and ensure a tight connection.

PVDF Syringe Filter size:

In order to Syringe Filter the particles correctly, you need to find the right size Syringe Filter. You should choose the diameter of the Syringe Filter carefully. They usually have sizes of 13mm, 25mm and 30mm. Each of these has a different ability to hold particles. According to the sample size, you can choose the appropriate Syringe Filter diameter. For example, a diameter of 13 mm can be used for 1-10 ml samples. Similarly, 25 mm PVDF Syringe Filters can be used for sample volumes of 10-100 ml. Their retention is less than 100 ml.

Similarly, the pore size and filtration area should also depend on the size of the particles to be Syringe Filtered. When planning to purchase these Syringe Filters, please check these size parameters to choose the product that best suits your application.

Wide application of PVDF Syringe Filter:

Sterilization of protein-containing solutions, media preservatives and antibiotics is best done with PVDF Syringe Filters. They are compatible with most HPLC samples and corrosive chemicals. These Syringe Filters are designed with an internal pre-Syringe Filter and a PP housing with an external colored ring. This design makes it also very suitable for high solids applications. In fact, PVDF Syringe Filters have been widely used in Western blotting and detection of high molecular weight proteins.

These are the main specifications, properties and applications of PVDF Syringe Filters.

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