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Chile Laboratory Professor buys HPLC Vials from Aijiren

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As a manufacturer of high-quality HPLC sample bottles, Aijiren has been well known in the chromatographic consumables industry. Aijiren’s HPLC Vial can be used for HPLC analysis in many industries, such as environmental analysis, soil analysis, food analysis, drug testing and chemical reagent analysis. So it is very popular with laboratory analysts.

A week ago, a customer contacted our account manager Carol Zhang via SNS. He said that he is a laboratory professor at a university in Chile and often needs to use HP​​​​​ During the chat, he expressed his desire to buy some 9mm 2ml autosampler vials and micro inserts.

When Carol Zhang asked him how he knew about Aijiren’s brand, he said that he searched the Internet for “hplc sample bottles” and saw several different brands of HPLC sample bottles, and the reason that prompted him to buy Aijiren’s hplc sample bottles was Because he saw that Aijiren has a history of producing hplc sample bottles for more than ten years, and Aijiren has his own factory, he chose to buy hplc sample bottles from Aijiren.

Carol thanked the professor for choosing Aijiren as his laboratory consumables supplier. After discussing with the products he needed to buy, Aijiren asked the factory if they were in stock, and when they learned that they were in stock, Carol immediately informed the factory to pack and ship to ensure that customers can get complete high-quality hplc vials in a short time.

Aijiren is a company that has been engaged in the chromatography consumables industry for more than 10 years. Aijiren’s strong strength has made it a world-renowned supplier of chromatography consumables. Choosing Aijiren means choosing high quality. Choosing a caring person means choosing good service. When buying hplc vials, look for Aijiren.

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