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ND18 Screw Top GC Vials

ND18 Screw Top GC Vials

ND18 18mm Screw Neck Headspace Vials
10ml, 22.5ⅹ46mm, 20ml, 22.5ⅹ75mm, DM18
Material: USP1, borosilicate glass
Boxed tpo minimizes vial damage.
Manufactured under strict quality to ensure dimensional consistency between batches
Suitable for headspace analysis of volatile solids and gases.
Store volatile samples to prevent evaporation
High temperature and corrosion resistance
Mainly used for headspace analysis in gas chromatographic analysis.

Screw Neck The bottleneck of the headspace vial is threaded, which is very convenient for sealing. The Screw Cap is used in Headspace Vials for sealing. The center hole is convenient for the autosampler to pierce and sample. Septa uses the adhesive-free compound of Silicone and PTFE, which is convenient for sealing while ensuring the ease of piercing. The bottom of the headspace vial is flat or round. Round-bottomed vials are stronger and more pressure resistant than flat-bottomed vials. The round bottom version was created to make the vial easier to fall into the heating block when transported by the magnet. The flat-bottomed vial is to facilitate the base of part of the autosampler and keep it stable. Aijiren provides two colors of clear and amber glass to meet the needs of sample injection.
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