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Sampler Vial Wholesale 40ml Screw Neck TOC Vials
HPLC Sampler Vial Wholesale 40ml Screw Neck TOC Vials
Aijiren Sampler VialWholesale 40ml Screw Neck TOC Vials
Glass Vial Wholesale 40ml Screw Neck TOC Vials
HPLC Vials Wholesale 40ml Screw Neck TOC Vials
Autosampler Vials Wholesale 40ml Screw Neck TOC Vials
2ml Vials Wholesale 40ml Screw Neck TOC Vials

Wholesale 40ml Screw Neck TOC Vials

MOQ:  20 packs, 100pcs/pack;

Name: TOC vial, Purge and Trap Vial
Material: Borosilicate glass
Total volume: 40mL
Dimensions: 27.5*95mm
Neck: 24-400 screw neck
Neck Diameter: 24mm
Color: Clear & Amber

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Sample storage vials, also known as chemical glass storage bottles, sub-packaging bottles, are suitable for the sub-packaging of various pharmaceutical intermediates, high value-added chemicals, biological preparations, cosmetics, cosmetics, essential oils and other products, suitable for long-term storage and transportation of products , Has excellent sealing performance. The production process of high-performance total organic carbon (TOC) sample bottles is kept clean The workshop and production process are kept clean, which can reduce instrument background and ensure top-level system performance for low-level monitoring. It is equipped with a polypropylene cover with an open top and a PTFE/silicone low leakage gasket bonded to the cover. The level 1 vials have been assembled and quality checked before they leave the factory. 40ml Glass TOC Vials with White Polypropylene Hole Cap, PTFE/Silicone Septa and Opaque HDPE Dust Cover. Aijiren offers pre-cleaned 40 ml glass vials certified for Total Organic Carbon (TOC vials). We offer TOC vials certified to contain less than 10 Parts Per Billion (PPB) and less than 20 Parts Per Billion (PPB) for use for pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications.  

Product Name

TOC Vials, Purge and Trap Vials


USP Type I, Borosilicate glass


Vial Size


Vial Choices

Clear and Amber available

Cap Choices

pp cap available

Septa Choices

3mm thickness. PTFE/Silicone septa.


ND24mm screw thread
Neck Diameter


Matched Brand

C&G Container, EP Scientific/ Thermo, SUEZ Sievers,Shimadzu, etc


100pcs/pp box

  1. 40ml Ultra clean EPA VOA vial are suitable to all TOC instruments, including Sievers, Shimadzu, OI Analytical, and Teledyne-Tekmar. 2. Ultra low TOC< 10ppb 3. Purge&Trap, GC-MS certified 4. Teflon lined caps and protective dust covers. 5. Superior vial-to-vial consistency.

Benefits of Aijiren sample storage bottles:

The vials are certified and traceable; GMP documents are provided. High level of quality control and process control to reduce TOC background. The background TOC used for statistical research is always low. The 80-piece slotted box can be used in clean room applications. 40 ml vials can be used in most TOC autosamplers. Aijiren Storage vial is an ideal device for general laboratory use and storage of diverse samples due to excellent sealability and chemical tolerance. Besides, chemically inert caps are a good choice for most chromatography and storage applications. Top grade PTFE or Silicone septa are adopted to ensure cleaning production and consistent quality of sample vials. The flat bottom profile can keep stable standing, and reduced sprinkle. Borosilicate glass is used as main material to enhance corrosion and temperature resistance. Superior quality with a favorable price is worthy of your order and more and cheaper. Aijiren's Sample Storage Vial uses high-purity borosilicate glass to be manufactured in the most advanced molding equipment. Used to store PCR reagents, enzymes and other diagnostic reagents, as well as biochemical reagents or samples. The HDPE screw cover is leak-proof. Can be used at low temperatures. Amber Storage vials can be used for light-sensitive samples.

Related Service

1) OEM Manufacturing welcome: Customized Logo, Customized Package 2) Professional After-sales Service Team 3) Fast delivery, all goods can be shipped in 3-7days. Large qty products are in stock for customer. 4) Shipping way: Based on customer’s difference situation using difference shipping ways, By air, By sea, By train,etc. 5) Aijiren is the one in China that equipped with complete molds of closed top screw cap. For septa, we have PE septa, PE/Alu Foil Septa PTFE/Silicone septa.
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