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Why Choose Crimp Top Vials and Screw Top Vials

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As a common chromatographic laboratory consumable for GC and HPLC, the material, hardness, color, size, volume, shape of the sample vial, the material of the vial cap and gasket, the size of the center hole, and even the recovery rate of the sample vial are all selected sample vials. What needs to be considered.

Why choose crimp cap vials?
The 11mm crimp top sample vial cap can ensure maximum sealing and reduce the chance of sample volatilization. For example, Aijiren crimp top sample vials and matching caps/septums and ergonomic manual crimpers/crimpers.

The new Aijiren ergonomic manual crimper and decrimper adopts lightweight and streamlined design (the same design of the Agilent crimper) to reduce wrist pain and discomfort caused by force. The weight is 25-30% lighter than the earlier designed model, and the problem of sore hands and pinched hands is eliminated. The new design greatly improves the user experience. This new type of crimper is designed to be durable: the 11 mm crimper seals at least 100,000 vial caps, and the 20 mm crimper seals at least 80,000 vial caps before there is wear and tear that affects usability.

The new Aijiren manual crimper and decrimper are lightweight, comfortable, and ergonomically designed. The handle fits your hands without the risk of pinching your hands; the top-mounted adjustment knob indicates the direction of tightening/releasing; adjustment The knob can also be used as an indicator for the completion of capping or uncapping; the narrow jaw design allows a larger vertical gap above the sample vial; the bottom handle movement is easier to control, which improves the stability of the jaw; the handle is reinforced with durable fiber Made of resin, reinforced with steel structure in the middle.

Why choose 8mm screw sample vials?

The 8mm screw sample vial is an autosampler vial with the smallest opening, which is specially designed for various autosamplers used in ampoules. The 8mm screw cap and septum have been assembled to reduce the chance of cap contamination during sample preparation. For example, Hamai 8mm narrow-mouth screw sample vial, 9mm wide-mouth screw sample vial and matching inner liner.

Aijiren glass sample vials can be divided into two types according to different materials, one is domestic borosilicate, and the other is imported first-class hydrolyzed glass to meet the needs of customers at different levels. The specification is 11.6*32mm. Standard sample vials for GC and HPLC, small caliber, 8-425 standard screw mouth, can be used for sample storage in autosamplers, and can be used with 8-425 screw vial cap septa.

8-425 automatic sample injection vial, often used in conjunction with Shimadzu, Spectrophysics, Varian, and other automatic samplers, the vial is made of colorless type 1 A or amber type 1 B borosilicate glass , And attached with a writable label for sample identification.

The vial cap is made of high-quality polypropylene, with precise manufacturing tolerances and a controllable manufacturing environment. The gasket is made of the highest quality PTFE/silicone to ensure the high efficiency of the function.

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