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What is a Digestion and Colorimetric Integrated Tube

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Digestion tube Digestion is a high-temperature resistant glass tube with a specification of φ16mm, a length of 100mm~150mm, a wall thickness of 1.0mm~1.2mm, a screw opening, and a screw sealing cover. The sealed tube has acid resistance, high temperature resistance, pressure and explosion resistance. In the process of chemical analysis by COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) analyzers, etc., this kind of sealed tube is often used to heat and digest the solution at a constant temperature, so it is called a digestion tube.

Colorimetric tube The colorimetric tube is the main instrument used for visual colorimetric analysis in chemical experiments, and can be used to roughly measure the concentration of a solution. During color comparison, place the colorimetric tube containing the solution to be tested and a colorimetric tube containing the standard solution in front of white paper with the same illumination level for comparison, and observe the color difference with the naked eye.
There is also a tube with the same specifications as the digestion tube. It is often used for colorimetry with a photometer. It is also called a colorimetric tube and is a common accessory for water quality testing instruments such as COD analyzers.

In the process of water quality testing, COD tester, total phosphorus tester, total nitrogen tester, total chromium tester and other water quality test instruments need to be used in conjunction with a digester, usually with a digestion tube after digestion, and then use a colorimetric tube. In color comparison, liquid transfer and other operations are required in this process, which is a challenge in terms of safety, operation, and accuracy. Therefore, finding a common pipe for digestion and colorimetry is a major problem that water quality monitoring workers urgently need to solve.

The digestion and colorimetric integrated tube perfectly solves these problems. The digestion and colorimetric integrated tube shares the same tube for digestion and colorimetry, which greatly meets the requirements for testing. The solution container used in the spectrophotometry has two types: “cuvette” and “colorimetric tube”. The cuvette spectrophotometry method is to use a digestion tube to digest the water sample, and then transfer the solution to the cuvette to measure the absorbance; the colorimetric tube spectrophotometry method uses the digestion tube to compare the color, and then transfer the solution The absorbance is measured in the colorimetric tube; The digestion and colorimetric integrated tube is a combination of the “digestion tube” and the “colorimetric tube”. In the process of COD measurement, the digestion and colorimetry use one tube to complete all steps without changing Tube, omit some operation steps, reduce the influence of human error, and ensure the safety of operators (the COD measurement solution contains chemical agents such as concentrated sulfuric acid and potassium dichromate. The liquid transfer process is susceptible to strong acid and high toxicity. Potentially dangerous).

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