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Popular Type 15x45mm 4ml Autosampler Vials for Sale

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Automatic sample 15x45mm 4ml Autosampler Vials are available in a variety of neck finishes and opening diameters. Large mouths or wide ID vials have about 40% wider mouths than standard opening vials. The large opening reduces the risk of the autosampler needle bending during sampling.

If the amount of samples is limited, consider using inserts for chromatographic 15x45mm 4ml Autosampler Vials. Vial inserts come in a variety of shapes and sizes. A conical insert with a plastic spring at the bottom is recommended because the spring guarantees a seal with a vial cap liner.

Aijiren Scientific offers the best HPLC/GC 15x45mm 4ml Autosampler Vials, caps, and accessories. Our products are compatible with all major brands, including Waters®, ®, Varian ®, Hitachi®, PerkinEl®mer and other major brands.

FAQ about 15x45mm 4ml Autosampler Vials
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Acceptable by T/T transfer, letter of credit (LC) and Paypal, Western Union, D/A, O/A, and D/P.
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We know the customer’s interests, keep their personal information secret, and do not spread it to third parties outside.

Aijiren transports full-line 15x45mm 4ml Autosampler Vials and related goods for chromatography, including crimpers and decappers. Visit www.hplcvials.com to find the right vial for chromatographic applications.

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