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Common Solutions for 1.5ml Autosampler Vial

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Compared with the sophisticated analytical instruments in many laboratories, 1.5ml autosampler vials is small but the most versatile. How to correctly select and use 1.5ml autosampler vials and related products is critical to the experimental efficiency, experimental process and data accuracy. Important.

How to choose 1.5ml Autosampler Vial and matching closures correctly?

The choice of 1.5ml Autosampler Vial and related products should consider their special purpose, including septa, sealing, sample bottle material and sample quantity, etc.

1.5ml Autosampler Vial features

Universal specifications, easy to grasp, better matching, suitable for Shimadzu, Agilent, Waters various types of autosamplers. The sample bottle has transparent, brown, transparent text scale and brown text scale for selection. The unique thread design ensures consistent air tightness, high-precision processing technology, and strict quality control to ensure the consistency of batches and batch sizes. The well-proportioned flat bottom ensures the fit with the intubation tube, and the ceramic writing board is easy to mark. You can choose a variety of inner cannulae, 100 UL, 200 UL, 300 UL, etc.

When analyzing samples by LC/MS/MS, the cleaning of the injection bottle is very important. According to the cleaning method of 1.5ml Autosampler Vial, the cleaning method is selected according to the degree of pollution, and there is no fixed mode.

Method summary:
1. Pour the test solution in the dry vial.
2. All are immersed in 95% alcohol, ultrasonically washed twice and then poured dry, because the alcohol easily enters the 1.5mL vial and can be miscible with most organic solvents to achieve the cleaning effect.
3. Pour in clean water, and ultrasonically wash twice.
4. Pour the lotion in the dry bottle and bake it at 110 degrees Celsius for 1 to 2 hours. It must not be baked at high temperature.
5. Cool and save.

Details of 1.5ml Autosampler Vial, caps and septa:

1. 1.5ml screw neck, crimp top, snap top vials, both brown and transparent, and cap with septa;
2. 4ml screw-top bottle, cap and cushion: both transparent and brown are available;
3. 10ml, 20ml glass bottles with round bottom and screw caps:
4. 6ml, 10ml, 20ml round bottom/flat bottom headspace crimp top glass bottles;

1.5ml Autosampler Vial specifications:

1.5ml Autosampler Vial specification product introduction: The screw-top storage bottle has excellent chemical stability, airtightness and corrosion resistance, and it is available in colorless and brown. The lid has a solid lid and a perforated lid, which can be divided into black and white. The material used for the septum is to ensure its good function and to ensure that the septum will not fall into the sample vial during storage. The bottle caps of the storage series are made of poly as raw materials, which will be combined with time-saving and convenience. The chemically inert bottle cap produced by this method truly combines the septum and the plastic cap at the molecular level, which can avoid excessive evaporation and keep the sample bottle properly sealed.

Details of 1.5ml Autosampler Vial, cap and septum:

1. 1.5ml 8mm, 9mm, 10mm threaded autosampler vial: two kinds of transparent and brown, and with writing sign;
2. 1.5ml 9mm high threaded port high recycled glass autosampler vial: two types: transparent and brown;
3. 1.5ml 11mm jaw autosampler vial, cover and pad: transparent and brown, and with writing sign;
4. 1.5ml 11mm Snap autosampler vial: both are available in transparent brown, and have a written signature;

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