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Blue Screw PP Cap Reagent Bottle Known as Sampling Bottle

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Aijiren’s round bottle with screw cap is made of glass material. Generally suitable for general laboratory applications, such as storage, sample preparation, transportation, and autoclaving media. Use GL 45 thread, casting ring and PP nut. The reagent bottle has excellent chemical resistance and low thermal expansion when encountering high temperatures.

The reagent bottles produced by Aijiren have high thermal shock resistance and can be sterilized by high temperature and high pressure. The transparent glass can quickly check the content and quantity of reagents. The reagent bottle has a large volume, is easy to label and has a large labeling range. The scale is practical and easy to read, permanent and non-marking.

Aijiren’s test screw caps are equipped with autoclavable screw caps and pouring rings*. The nut is made of polypropylene and has a large ridge for perfect grip. After tightening, the sealing performance is good, and there will be no leakage. Generally speaking, PP Caps are blue and marked. This kind of threaded PP Cap can also withstand high temperature, low thermal expansion rate and good sealing performance.

The 500ml medium storage bottle with GL45 screw cap (blue) is made of ultra-thick borosilicate glass, with durability scale. The 500ml bottle can withstand any high pressure and high temperature from the most demanding chemicals to extreme heating agents. A GL45 ring with screw cap is included to prevent leakage under any circumstances.

The reagent bottle with screw cap has the characteristics of high density, chemical resistance, and is equipped with a plastic pouring ring, which can realize drip-free operation. Since the reagent bottles produced by Aijiren start from 100 ml, all bottles have only one thread. The nut and casting ring are interchangeable and made of PP.

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