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PP 0.22μm Syringe Filter

PP 0.22μm Syringe Filter

Aijiren PP syringe filter
Product model: 13mm, 0.22um sterile independent packaging
Purpose: Sterilization and filtration of aqueous solution
Working temperature: 45°C
Inlet pressure: bar (psi): 5.2 (75)
Wetting: Hydrophilic
Membrane diameter: 13mm
Membrane pore size: 0.22um

PP mild hydrophobic film can withstand a variety of organic solvents. It is also a good choice as a pre-filter or final filter. Aijiren's PP syringe filter adopts hydrophobic polypropylene membrane, which has stable physical and chemical properties, good compatibility, and low protein adsorption. It is suitable for the filtration of aqueous solutions and most solvents. It has a wide range of chemical compatibility, hydrophobic PP syringe filter and negligible protein binding. Hydrophobic PP membrane is often used to filter biological samples, solvents, deionized water and reduce biological load, especially for gas filtration. The product was sterilized by dry heat at 121°C for 15 minutes.
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